Empirix IMS Platform

The network architecture of the IMS platform deployed at the EIA-FR.

EIA-FR IMS network architecture


Since the month of August 2009, the EIA-FR deploys an IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) network provided by Empirix, the leading provider of service quality assurance solutions for new IP communications.

The deployment of an IMS network at the EIA-FR aims to teach students and professors to master some of the main challenges of rolling out IMS platforms and to develop innovative services involving this new technology.

The IMS network is used during the “Next-generation IP Networks” course offered by the ICT Department of the EIA-FR in order to demonstrate the main functionalities of the infrastructure and to test and monitor the services deployed. The IMS network offers the unique opportunity to students to develop innovative services for the ICT domain and many projects have been developed in collaboration with some telecommunication operators and other Universities.

The EIA-FR encourages and supports the students to learn and develop innovative services to deploy in the IMS platform. Thanks to IMS network of the EIA-FR, many students have experienced the challenge to develop, deploy and test new IMS services in a real environment.

The full documentation about the IMS platform deployed by the EIA-FR is available in the Share Point of the ICT Department.

The EIA-FR has also equipped the PCs of  the ICT Laboratory with the latest version of the Ericsson IMS Development environment, the SDS 4.2 (Service Development Studio). The students are so able to simulate an IMS network core and to simulate their services.


The ICT Laboratory is equipped with different kind of SIP terminals:

  • Linksys IP Phone SPA922
  • CounterPath eyeBeam softphone
  • CounterPath X-Lite softphone
  • iPhone and Android OS softphone