IMS IPTV - Tomorrow's TV

[31.05.2010 - 16.07.2010]


This is a Bachelor diploma work in the field of telecommunications realized in Bern at the company Ericsson. This work is about of the following main elements:

  • IPTV
  • IMS networks
  • Social networks (Twitter and Facebook)
  • Visibility of actual status
  • Targeted advertising
  • Chat

The goal of the project is to demonstrate the advantages of IMS and IPTV. The interaction possibilities between different telecommunication technologies are also shown. The practical goal reached by this project as a demonstration is that IPTV uses watches an IPTV channel and at the same time his status on social network is automatically updated with information about the ITV channel as well as a description of the TV program. The same was done on the IMS Network. So his friends are able to see his new status on their IMS Messenger. This messenger is like MSN messenger but for registered users at the imsCore. With this Messenger users can exchange each other instant messages to communicate overt the IPTV program they are watching.

A second application done is to generate custom advertisement to the user, i.e. the user only receives advertisement which is interesting for him. To know which advertisement is interesting for whom, the TV channels watched by the IPTV user is analysed. In the future it will be possible to get the users interests from their social network account. In this project the type of advertisement are images but in a future project videos could be used.

These points are realized on SDS 4.2 which is a development environment on eclipse which enables to simulate a SDS Core with application servers on one host or in interaction with a network. Not all applications are new but as the SDS 4.2 are a new version, so all services must be tested on the new environment.



Author: Schneuwly Gabriel
Advisor: Jean-Frédéric Wagen (EIA-FR), Rudolf Scheurer (EIA-FR), Reto Caduff (Ericsson AG), Pierre-André Roubaty (Ericsson AG)