Mew Services

[September 2009 - April 2010]


In this project an application for IMS has been developed. This application is oriented to Ambient Intelligence and it provides three different services: weather conditions, events in town and a static map. This information is related to the city of the IP address that sent the request. In fact a process of geolocalization is involved in the execution of the application. The main feature of this application is that it is easily expansible and re-utilizable.

The tests on the simulated IMS core of SDS gave good results but in the real one there is some problem, maybe associated to the maximum dimension of the messages. This means that between the simulated environment and the real one there are a lot of differences. In fact the SDS is not a professional tool. It presents many bugs and this makes the development slower and harder. A real professional development tool is missing and today this lack persists. At beginning also the Hammer DEX by Empirix had some fault but after the updating it became a real professional tool. In fact now it is possible to set the iFC for every application dynamically. The real IMS core network is a real important occasion for the research in EIA-FR because it allows growing away from an imperfect tool like SDS.

IMS is a real interesting environment and converged services with ubiquitous computing are the future. So the IMS architecture could be the next generation network that will enter in everyone’s quotidian life substituting the IP infrastructure. So it is important to go ahead with the research in this area. A first proposal could be the modification of this application, in fact the version 2.0 could improve the communication sending the map image inside the content of the MESSAGE.

Author: Caon Maurizio
Advisor: Mugellini Elena (EIA-FR), Abou Khaled Omar (EIA-FR), Reali Gianluca (Università degli Studi di Perugi