SECUREMESA - Mobile Environment for Secure Applications

Faciliter et sécuriser l’administration de vos données et vos applications sur votre mobile


This product enables a very secure authentication of a mobile user and the use of a sample application to securely store ciphered data on the mobile terminal. A bluetooth device is used to periodically authenticate the user. If the mobile is stolen, the absence of the bluetooth companion is detected and the application and all stored data are erased. If the mobile terminal is recovered, the application and its data can be reloaded via the secure connection to the MESA server. In addition to a complete log of the interactions, the administrator is optionally notified via Email or SMS (or TTS voice call). As another option, the reload can only be activated after a local or remote interaction of the administrator with the MESA server. All these options are configured to customize the secure MESA services to the need and security policies of the users. The use of additional authentications is easily customized. For example, the use of a list of 2D DataMatrix code read by the camera of the mobile terminal is already an option. This authentication can be used in addition to the authentication via the bluetooth companion. For example, it can be used when switching to another application, when the secure MESA framework is started, or upon special request from the administrator. Remote "wipe out" of the mobile terminal is also an option to handle the case of assumed misuse when the authorized user is being forced to misuse his/her device. Our videos demonstrate the use of our prototypes.